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No-Fail Vacuum Truck

Vorstrom is an all-Australian company solely focused on the design, manufacturing, sales and servicing of vacuum tanks. We know that there’s no room for error when it comes to liquid waste management and non-destructive digging.

To this end, we design, build and service our proven range of no-fail tanks and hydro-excavation units right here in Australia.

vacuum truck
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Purpose-Built Vacuum EQUIPMENT

Engineered For High Productivity

Vorstrom range of vacuum tank have a good record and recognition as effective and efficient commercial vacuum loader. These vac trucks are designed to retrieve, contain, and hold wet solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, and thick sludge from very difficult to reach areas.

Vacuum Truck
Product Range

Vorstrom Liquid Truck

Vacuum Units

Vorstrom liquid vacuum equipment is the perfect choice for any type of liquid waste including grease trap, septic and sewer waste and other types.

vorstrom truck

Vacuum Trucks

As the ultimate all-rounder, our industrial vacuum tanks are suited to any application whether it’s industrial cleaning, sludge pits and general liquid waste.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation

Our hydro excavation equipment are built in-house to tackle the toughest of challenges and are flexibly designed to suit almost any style of truck and project.

liquid vacuum truck

T520 - 5000

industrial vacuum truck6

TRD940 - 11000

hydro excavation truck

TRD1600 - 8000

Liquid Vacuum truck

R350 - 8000

vorstrom truck4

TRD920 - 24000

Hydro Excavation

TRD3400 - 6000

liquid vacuum truck2

R560 - 14000

vorstrom industrial truck

TRD520 - 10000

hydro excavation truck9

TRD2400 - 8000

Vacuum Tank
made just right for you

Our units are designed from scratch with insight from customers to deal with the most challenging wet or dry industrial cleaning applications. The various designs, options and off-loading solutions are offered to guarantee the best fit for waste management.

Our range of no-fail vac trucks and hydrovac equipment are designed and built right here in Australia and to Australian Standards to provide absolute confidence. We provide you with purpose built equipment that perform in any environment. With expert advice, swift sales and servicing, we keep you working on waste and related projects.

Vacuum Truck Manufacturing Process

vacuum design


With a team of qualified and local draftsmen, we design purpose built equipment to perform in any environment; under pressure, on your toughest jobs, and when you need it most.

Vorstrom Manufacturing


Certainly, there’s only one way to ensure consistent adherence to Australian standards, and that’s to keep manufacturing right here at-home.

vacuum servicing


We have a dedicated local servicing and parts division,  in order to ensure our customers enjoy top performance now and in the future.



Some of the companies using vorstrom units


Vacuum Truck

Allvac offers customers in the waste management sector the most comprehensive collection of parts for vacuum tanks and equipment. We stock vacuum pumps, hoses, valves, suction boom and reels, and lots more accessories.

With a substantial inventory of quality accessories from brands like Moro, Conde, Challenger, Wallenstein, and other OEMs, the most preferred and quality parts are in stock and ready to dispatch.

The Vorstrom Approach

The key to our approach is creating a vac unit to do the job, just as you need it. We take the time to discover your needs, understand what you’ll be pumping or excavating, and make sure you’re covered for capacity, safety and access.

Research fuels our progress. Constant operator feedback guides our product development, to make our units even easier to use, adaptable to different conditions, and fully functional.

And we undertake deep consultation with each and every customer during the design stage.

Then, we configure one of our proven designs and build it under strict quality control in Australia. We deliver to your door every time and are on call anytime you need servicing and parts.

Plus, we don’t shirk the dirty work we’re on call anytime you need servicing and parts. The upshot? You’re in and out of jobs faster, operators have it easier, and you’ve got instant, local backup when you need it.

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