Boost Your Bottom Line

Boost Your Bottom Line

The TRD940 – 24000L semi vac unit is built to match your application with maximum performance and minimal operational cost.

Optimum Productivity

Designed to improve your bottom line from liquid waste and sludge removal to drilling mud and other semi solids, the TRD940 – 24000 semi vac unit is built to match your application with maximum performance and minimal operational cost. To guarantee optimum productivity, we work with customers to design and build these units for flexibility with the safest and highest efficiency.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the TRD940 – 24000 semi vac unit guarantees high productivity and durability, assuring you of adherence to all industry regulations and safety standards.

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Key Features

Key features of the TRD940 – 24000 model include a 24000L capacity tank and NVE 940 cfm vacuum blower super silenced, hydraulically driven from prime mover.

Bunded aluminium hose trays with eyelets for rubber hold down straps, 500mm front wash out hatch, 100mm secondary shut-off and 100mm primary shut-off, full opening rear door with 4 x over centre locking clamps, hydraulic controls to power the tipping hoist, rear door, unlock and lock functions as well as door lifting.

Why Vorstrom?

Vorstrom range of semi-vac units are certified to transport both regulated and non-regulated materials and are ideal for projects involving large volumes of waste material. Our trailer mounted units are used for liquid waste cleaning and transportation, drilling mud and a variety of semi solids.

No matter the type of liquid waste being transferred, the TRD940-24000 unit is the perfect solution for transporting large volumes of waste to the appropriate disposal facility.

The Vorstrom Approach

The key to our approach is creating a vacuum truck to do the job, just as you need it. We take the time to discover your needs, understand what you’ll be pumping or excavating, and make sure you’re covered for capacity, safety and access.

Research fuels our progress. Constant operator feedback guides our product development, to make our units even easier to use, adaptable to different conditions, and fully functional.

And we undertake deep consultation with each and every customer during the design stage.

Then, we configure one of our proven designs and build it under strict quality control in Australia. We deliver to your door every time and are on call anytime you need servicing and parts.

Plus, we don’t shirk the dirty work we’re on call anytime you need servicing and parts. The upshot? You’re in and out of jobs faster, operators have it easier, and you’ve got instant, local backup when you need it.

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