We believe in our team and know that they all share a common goal to manufacture the best vacuum equipment in Australia.

The extensive experience and knowledge of every team member makes us stand out. Every member’s input is valued giving us the means to achieve this goal.

Vorstrom People


Our dedicated staff include fitters and turners, boiler makers and trainees. We have a fully functional machine shop fitted out with quality equipment and highly trained staff.

Vorstrom’s welding shop also has quality equipment and all staff are regularly assessed by independent welding assessors to ensure our quality standard is maintained. All our welders have certificate 3 qualifications and higher.

Darryl Wiggins - CEO

Darryl is the CEO at Vorstrom Vacuum Equipment. Darryl’s role in the company is to execute strategic plans and provide direction to the Vorstrom team nationally.


Stuart Tait

Stuart is the General Manager of Vorstrom and is responsible for co-ordination of sales, manufacturing and design of the units. He has a trade background as a Fitter and Turner with a Cert 4 in Hydraulics, as well as hands on experience in the actual building of many units. He looks forward to being able to help you get your unit designed and built to handle any environment that it will be working in.

Tyson McNichol - Production Supervisor

After completing his Certificate 3 and 4 in Engineering Fabrication in the Mt Isa Mines, Tyson has furthered his skills and education by doing a Certificate 4 in Engineering/Boilermaking. Tyson takes great pride in his work and strives to produce the finest quality products for our customers.

Tyson McNichol

Darren Coy - Service and Technical Support

Darren is responsible for providing technical support, taking care of customers across Asia-Pacific, from Australia to New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. He draws on an engineering background as a trade-qualified boilermaker and has extensive experience in the transport industry. His main goal is to help our customers get the best out of their units, with the help of design and after sales service.