Hydro Excavation Trucks

Vorstrom hydrovac trucks are built in Australia to tackle the toughest of challenges and are flexibly designed to suit almost any style of truck.

Our Range of Vacuum Excavator Trucks

As Vorstrom’s top-of-the-range hydro-excavation truck, TRD3500B-10000 has the capabilities required for any job. With a cyclonic filtration system and dry vacuum bag house with pulsing system, it’s an effective wet and dry vac unit. TRD3500B-10000 isn’t just fully featured, it’s also designed to be easy to operate, thanks to a 6” hydraulic boom, tipping hoist and fully opening rear door.
As a certified and registered dangerous goods unit, it’s designed for maximum reliability and safety – for the transportation of hazardous waste. Thanks to the fully opening rear door, tipping function and high-pressure water blaster, TRD1000-10000DG is easy to both clean and operate.
When you need reliability and versatility in a hydro-excavation truck, TRD1600B-8000 is the solution. By pairing a capacity blower vacuum pump with a high capacity waste tank, it can handle a diverse range of situations that require precision digging. TRD1600B-8000’s quality construction, integrated tipping hoist and rear door that fully opens all contribute to making it a safe choice for your hydro-excavation truck fleet. Depending on your requirements, you can also choose between two sizes of water tanks.
Need a hydro excavation vacuum unit that’s capable of operating standalone or on a hooklift truck? HRD1600B-10000 brings flexibility to your portfolio. It’s ideal when you already have hooklift trucks available to transport your vac unit. Fast and easy to mount and dismount, with a fully hydraulic system, HRD1600B-10000’s large capacity tank means that it can excavate high volumes before needing to be emptied.
Need to tackle tougher hydro-excavation jobs that require a larger hydro unit? Together with its high-flow cleaner, and 2,400 CFM blower, TRD2400B-8000 is ideal for extracting on the larger trenching jobs. To ensure that TRD2400B-8000 is easy for the driver to operate, it also features a complete hydraulic system – complete with a tipping tank.

High Productivity vacuum Excavation Trucks

Vorstrom’s hydro excavation truck models are industry certified and built based on customer specifications with after sales service. Our hydrovac trucks are made to operate in all environments, with every effort taken to help operators get the most out of them.

Hydro excavation is a demanding process requiring the use of high pressures to cut and liquefy the soil before excavating it via a high volume vacuum unit. Compared to traditional excavation methods, hydrovac trucks offer the benefit of non destructive digging, making them ideal for removal of soil around sensitive areas such as underground pipework, powerlines and more. Hydro excavation trucks are also widely used for general excavation, particularly where site access is limited. No one can guarantee the soil type to be removed so the hydrovac truck needs to reliably perform no matter the job at hand. 

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TRD1600 - 8000L

vacuum Excavation Trucks Built For You

Our hydrovac truck models are built in-house to tackle the toughest of challenges and are flexibly designed to suit almost any style of truck. Unlike other hydro excavator trucks available in the market, our hydro excavation equipment are completely watertight and capable of carrying all types of mud or liquid.

We understand that high performance is key to business success. That’s why our units are industry certified and made to operate in all environments with every effort taken to help operators get the most out of them.

Why Vorstrom?

Vorstrom’s Hydro Excavation Trucks are built to handle the unexpected – any soil type, liquid or wet solid waste. A flexible design means they suit any style of truck, with the added reassurance of being completely watertight.

In addition, we make every effort to help operators get the most out of these robust and versatile units with after sales service.

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