Why choose Australian-made vacuum tankers?

When it comes to vacuum tankers, reliability is everything. Vorstrom has been the preferred manufacturer of Australian-made vacuum tanker units for over 15 years. During that time, we’ve always kept components local and developed right here to ensure absolute quality.

We’re firm believers in supporting local industry. That’s why we always advocate for Australian-made products wherever possible. It doesn’t just support Australian jobs – it ensures that you get a product that suits your business.

When you’re looking to add vacuum tanker units to your portfolio, here’s why you should consider Australian-made.
Australian-made vacuum tanker

Vacuum tanker customisability and quality assurance

Imported vacuum tankers often don’t fit the needs of the Australian market. Your business has unique requirements. A pre-made and packaged solution didn’t have you in mind during the design and build phases.
Vorstrom does. We discuss with you what you need and what you don’t – providing guidance and tweaks that will deliver you the right vacuum tanker unit.
You can also feel more confident in the quality of your product. At Vorstrom, we have external assessors who carry out testing on our products. This independent tick of approval ensures that we always exceed Australian Standards.

Australian production capacity and diverse range

Being an Australian business means having your ear to the ground. It’s about understanding your customers in a way that overseas companies can’t match.

For example, Vorstrom has collects valuable feedback from our clients and extensively researches the demands of Australian businesses. We’ve developed over 40 different multi-purpose vacuum units for all industries and applications.

Local manufacturers may also be more capable of meeting your production demands. You’ll receive your unit much faster than via international shipping. Vorstrom is currently increasing its facilities in Australia to double production output.

End-to-end vacuum tanker offering and local parts

Vacuum tanker units are critical pieces of equipment. There’s no room for mistakes or significant downtime. When your business has to wait for parts to arrive from overseas, it affects your bottom line.

Working with an Australian manufacturer means ongoing support for the life of your vacuum truck. Our warehouse is stocked with inventory of quality parts for fast replacement. This includes top brands like Samson, Moro, Conde, Challenger and Wallenstein.

Your business will experience fewer headaches down the road with an all-in-one ‘design-manufacture-service’ partner – especially one who offers fast-turnaround onsite support.

Genuine Aussie service for vacuum tankers

Nothing can match old-fashioned customer service. When you choose Australian-made, you also choose Australian know-how.
Our team shares a common goal to manufacture the best vacuum equipment in Australia. Their extensive technical experience and knowledge of Australian businesses separate Vorstrom from the competition.
Looking to expand your vacuum tanker fleet? Vorstrom’s “no-fail” promise sets us apart from the imports that are often simply not fit for purpose.

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