Cab Chassis Lead Times

The importance of understanding cab chassis lead times can’t be understated for businesses currently looking to expand their vehicle fleet. Global supply chain interruptions stemming from unexpected events like pandemics, trade disputes, and geopolitical changes have resulted in marked and persistent delays in both manufacturing and shipping. Such delays are not just inconvenient, but can translate into formidable operational hurdles, especially when businesses are waiting on specialised vehicles like vacuum trucks. These vehicles are not mere additions to a fleet, but are the backbone of many operations.

Despite these sector-wide challenges, Vorstrom is proactively addressing delays by introducing strategies to reduce disruptions and efficiently support your business.

Tailored Build Schedules

At the heart of Vorstrom’s approach is customisation. We understand that no two businesses are identical – each comes with a unique set of requirements and deadlines. Our seasoned team, equipped with expertise and foresight, will work with you to craft a build schedule that perfectly aligns with your requirements. By mapping out your distinct procurement needs and matching them with future cab chassis availability, we bring efficiency and transparency to your vehicle procurement process. This proactive approach ensures you have an accurate picture of when your trucks will be ready for deployment, allowing for seamless integration into your existing operations.

Devotion to Domestic Manufacturing

As Australia’s premier vacuum truck manufacturer, our reputation for outstanding quality and steadfast compliance with Australian standards is unwavering. This commitment drives our decision to keep manufacturing local. With a suite of Australian-made vehicles ranging from vacuum and sucker trucks to hydrovac and septic vehicles, we are equipped to kick off your build as soon as your cab chassis lands at our premises.

Thoughtful Inventory Management

We meticulously source components both domestically and internationally, ensuring we harness the best the world has to offer. While we import a wide range of premium-quality pumps and parts from regions renowned for their manufacturing prowess, such as the USA and Italy, we also take the initiative to fabricate parts in-house when the market doesn’t meet our stringent criteria.

Our global sourcing strategy doesn’t mean added wait times for you. By keeping a local inventory of these crucial components, we ensure that when your truck is ready for assembly, there’s not a moment lost waiting for parts. Having these components on hand also ensures quick turnarounds during vehicle maintenance, underscoring our commitment to continuous service delivery.

It’s undeniable that extended cab chassis lead times remain a sector-wide concern. Understanding and navigating these delays is more than just a logistical challenge—it’s vital for ensuring that your operations don’t skip a beat. With Vorstrom’s tailored build schedules, local manufacturing, and smart inventory management, your fleet’s growth is in capable hands.

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