Maximising ROI with Vorstrom Vacuum Equipment

25th March, 2024

In any industry, maximising return on investment (ROI) is paramount. Whether you’re managing a small business or a large corporation, every decision must contribute to the bottom line. At Vorstrom Vacuum Equipment, we understand the importance of ROI, which is why we’ve designed our vacuum units to deliver exceptional efficiency, ensuring that every investment pays […]

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Discover the Unmatched ROI of a Vacuum Truck

19th March, 2024

When it comes to managing waste, spills and excavation, businesses are constantly seeking cost-effective solutions that provide a solid return on investment (ROI). Vacuum trucks sit at the pinnacle of economic benefit, making light work of these heavy-duty tasks with a degree of speed and adaptability unavailable through any other means. Efficiency to Get the […]

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Essential vacuum truck safety guidelines

5th March, 2024

Vacuum truck safety plays a crucial role in waste management, particularly in collection and disposal. Their operation comes with significant hazards that necessitate strict adherence to a host of safety guidelines. Here, we’ll delve into the essential protocols and best practices that will keep your operators, the general public, property and the environment protected from […]

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Vacuum truck design – use technology to your advantage

4th March, 2024

Vacuum truck design is a complicated area. With new technology becoming available all the time, we invite you to lean on our expertise in delivering customised, fit-for-purpose, technologically advanced vacuum trucks that meet your needs and enhance operational performance. Safety now and always One of the most impressive gains from technology in vacuum truck design […]

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What to look for in a dangerous goods transport unit

9th November, 2023

Dangerous goods transport is a critical and highly regulated industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or logistics provider, the safe and compliant transport of hazardous materials rests with you. Selecting the right transport unit is a fundamental step in this process because everyone from employees and contractors to road users and the environment is at […]

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Cab Chassis Lead Times

17th October, 2023

The importance of understanding cab chassis lead times can’t be understated for businesses currently looking to expand their vehicle fleet. Global supply chain interruptions stemming from unexpected events like pandemics, trade disputes, and geopolitical changes have resulted in marked and persistent delays in both manufacturing and shipping. Such delays are not just inconvenient, but can […]

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Industrial Vacuum Trucks: The Ultimate All-Rounder

With over 70 years of unparalleled knowledge and experience, we’re well-versed in the intricacies of industrial vacuum trucks. These specialised vehicles are meticulously designed to safely and efficiently transport a broad array of materials, from liquids and sludges to solids. Their robust vacuum and pump systems make them indispensable in diverse sectors, including mining, manufacturing, […]

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How to Engineer the Perfect Hydro Vac Excavation Truck

17th August, 2023

Non-destructive digging is good for the environment, your team and your return on investment. The power and efficiency of a non-destructive digging truck, also known as a hydro vac excavation truck, is the cornerstone for success of your excavation program. The system as a whole needs to be built for the tough stuff and there […]

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Vacuum Truck Maintenance

10th May, 2023

Vacuum truck maintenance is a priority to ensure your equipment and investment are protected and long-lasting. Reduce downtime, costly breakdowns and risks to safety with our maintenance tips.

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How to Choose an Industrial Vacuum Truck

13th April, 2023

Industrial vacuum trucks must deliver powerful performance on every construction and industrial project. Where big contracts, investment and risk are on the table, efficiency, productivity and safety are non-negotiables. Assessing the following performance and environmental considerations is critical when choosing the right industrial vacuum truck for your project. What do you need it to do? […]

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