When to choose a high-capacity vacuum truck

Choosing the right vacuum trucks for your fleet is crucial. It often comes down to the choice between high-capacity vacuum trucks or compact vacuum trucks. What’s ideal for residential septic or grease trap management won’t cut it for industrial waste on a commercial job site.

Are you looking to optimise time on-site? A high-capacity vacuum truck should be your preferred choice. If you’re undertaking intensive liquid and industrial waste jobs, Vorstrom has options for you.

The highest capacity vacuum truck available from Vorstrom is the TRD940-24000. It features an enormous 24,000L tank capacity! 

High-capacity vacuum truck and fleet

Choose a high-capacity vacuum truck for tough jobs

When you’re handling large volumes of waste material on busy commercial sites, quality construction is important for your high-capacity vacuum truck. Mounted to an Australian-made tri-axle trailer, TRD940-24000 can be used on any prime mover and is standalone in operation.

Always prioritise high-capacity vacuum trucks that make it easy and safe to empty and clean thick waste. This is especially important when working in industrial environments. With a wash-out water and pressure cleaner (up to 4,800L), and tipping feature, TRD940-24000 is designed for even heavy sludges and leachate.

TRD940-24000 is a large truck. Remember to consider site accessibility. Tight access points and low clearance can pose challenges for high-capacity vacuum trucks. For large tanks, an open site is necessary.

Select a high-capacity vacuum truck for fewer trips

The combination of high-capacity vacuum truck and 940 CFM blower pump makes high-volume jobs more efficient. A unit like TRD940-24000 loads faster maximises payload.

Operators will need to make fewer trips to dispose of waste material. You can dramatically reduce non-productive time and increase profitability. This is particularly important for remote locations, where trips to and from the disposal point can take up a significant amount of time.

Versatility also matters for all businesses. Having an asset that can tackle different job types is highly valuable. Just remember that a blower pump is a little less discreet. It may not be suitable around quieter residential areas. This unit is ideal for: 

  • • transporting bulk liquid waste for local councils,
  • • drilling mud for mine sites, and
  • • managing industrial waste from commercial sites.
High-capacity vacuum truck on site

Choose the high-capacity TRD940-24000

If you aren’t constrained by manoeuvrability and you want to maximise efficiency, a vac truck like TRD940-24000 is an excellent addition to your fleet.

At Vorstrom, our talented team of engineers and local partners create every fabricated part for your vacuum unit in Queensland. We also have local parts available for fast repairs and servicing. 

Our team developed the TRD940-24000 with the features that matter to our customers, including:

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