Why would I need a hook lift vacuum unit?

Maximise efficiency by utilising your hook lift truck with a high capacity vacuum unit.

Australian-made vacuum tanker


Hook lift vacuum tanker: Enhance productivity onsite

If you need an adaptable vacuum truck capable of transporting bulk materials and products between project sites, look no further than our hook lift vacuum tanker. Manufactured with a fully opening rear door and 900mm manway to suit a variety of applications, it is ideal to maximise the operation of your hook lift truck or have one onsite for the backup unit.

Greater levels of productivity naturally create more time to remove and dispose of excessive liquid waste. For versatility and quantifiable output, Vorstrom’s range of hook lift vacuum units’ larger tank capacities give you the ability to do more.

By increasing efficiency, hook lift vacuum tankers are a creative investment that give you the flexibility to have greater capabilities onsite with less cost. The units are ideal for construction sites, remote mining operations, accommodation camps and sites that need a standby vacuum truck at any one time. The hook lift unit reduces your fleet size by utilising existing equipment. Changeovers between jobs become quick transitions, creating more opportunities for greater work capacity.

What you’re after in your hook lift vacuum tanker:

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hook lift vacuum tanker in action

Rigid vacuum tanker: Increase movability

Some applications need a compact unit, readily able to access narrow spaces and extract liquid waste with ease. Moderate tank capacity and a smaller drivetrain allows your vacuum truck to make tighter turns, making smaller jobs simpler and highly efficient.

If you’re looking to work both residential and commercial jobs, the rigid vacuum truck’s low profile is highly suitable for noise-sensitive areas. Particular options with lower CFM pumps reduce noise levels, ideal for neighbourhoods and busy shopping centres.

With a handful of rigid units under 2.1 metres high, the liquid vacuum truck is best used for manoeuvring into tight spaces. The more compact vehicles operate on a single axle truck, easily allowing the liquid vacuum truck to occupy a minimal amount of space. If you’re looking at doing jobs in narrow parking lots with low clearances, the unit’s accessibility creates more opportunities for small, hard to access jobs.

What you’re after in your rigid vacuum tanker:

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Rigid vacuum tanker in action

Tipping vacuum tanker: Extract waste effortlessly

Tipping vacuum trucks increases your range of pumping capabilities. Tipping the vessel enables the industrial unit’s ability to load solid and semi-solid waste. The fully opening rear door or 900mm manway allows the product to be tipped out with ease at the disposal location. Primarily needed for bulk sludge and mud, the functionality of tipping vacuum trucks allows you to easily remove product from the vessel.

The industrial vacuum units are designed with a range of pumping systems to suit a variety of applications. The vacuum pump range is from 500 CFM to 3500 CFM, with optional extras inclusive of dry-vac bag houses and high pressure water.

Tipping vacuum trucks could likely be the ideal solution for your waste management on construction or industrial sites. With the tank able to tip, the unloading and cleaning process dramatically reduces in time and mitigates the risk of cross contamination.

What you’re after in your tipping vacuum tanker

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Australian-made vacuum tanker

If you need assistance choosing the right vacuum truck for your needs, contact our team at Vorstrom and we’ll work with you.

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