How to Choose an Industrial Vacuum Truck

Industrial vacuum trucks must deliver powerful performance on every construction and industrial project. Where big contracts, investment and risk are on the table, efficiency, productivity and safety are non-negotiables.

Assessing the following performance and environmental considerations is critical when choosing the right industrial vacuum truck for your project.

What do you need it to do?

Different industries and applications require different types of vacuum trucks. Identify the specific needs in your project, such as wet or dry vacuuming, excavation or hydro-excavation, or hazardous material handling. This will provide you with a refined list of industrial vacuum truck options that you can then weigh up the differences based on your needs.

How much do you need it to hold?

The capacity of the industrial vacuum truck you choose will dictate how many trips you need to make. Ideally, tank capacity should be sufficient to handle the volume of waste or debris you need to collect in a single trip. This will ensure efficiency and minimise in-transit downtime (both of which also reduce cost and exposure to risk).

How much vacuum capacity does it need to have?

The vacuum capacity in your industrial vacuum truck is another important consideration. A large CFM vacuum system can improve vacuuming and suction performance and provides the necessary grunt to handle heavy-duty applications. Typically, higher CFM vacuum systems come in at a higher price point, which is worth it if you need it. Accurately assess the additional spending through a rigorous cost-benefit analysis.

Where do you need it to go?

If you can’t manoeuvre your industrial vacuum truck where you need to then no amount of vacuum or capacity is going to matter. Do you need to access tight spaces or navigate rough terrain? The ability to get in and out is paramount for efficiency and productivity, which can quickly become a critical issue should drivers attempt to cross terrain the truck is not designed for.

What can go wrong?

Some Industrial vacuum trucks are designed to handle hazardous materials or work in potentially hazardous environments but they are not all created equally. Review your industrial vacuum truck spec for DG rating and safety features such as explosion-proof lighting, automatic shut-off valves, safety alarms and fit for purpose to protect workers and prevent accidents.

How much should you spend?

The cost of an industrial vacuum truck is best measured against its features, capacity and performance, alongside the long-term costs for maintenance and repair. It is important to invest in high-quality equipment, which has inherently higher reliability and a longer life span. This, in turn, ultimately reduces your total spend over the lifetime of your machine.

Who should you get it from?

Regular maintenance and service are essential to ensure the longevity and reliability of your industrial vacuum truck. This means partnering with a reputable manufacturer or supplier that provides after-sales support, maintenance and repair services, will handle any potential warranty claim and can support you locally with an in-house team.

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Choosing the right industrial vacuum truck will impact the efficiency, productivity and safety of your commercial or industrial operations. Whenever you need powerful and long-lasting vacuum equipment, Vorstrom’s design, build and service team can help you make the right choice for your commercial or industrial needs.

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