Which septic truck vacuum pump is the right choice

A septic truck vacuum pump is a complex piece of equipment and a key component in waste management.

How vacuum pumps work

Powered by your vehicle’s engine – via the hydraulic system – the septic truck vacuum pump creates a vacuum in the vessel, which then:

The pump usually has the capacity to handle large volumes of air flow. This is what creates the vacuum needed to handle all the different types of liquid waste. 

Most systems also have additional shut-off valves and filters to prevent contaminants from entering the vacuum pump and causing damage.

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Dangerous Goods Vacuum Tanker

All septic truck vacuum pumps create negative air pressure to draw waste into the tank. Each type achieves this in a different way:

Designed for maximum movability, R430 can access tight spaces with ease – to service more clients.

Made to work in the most demanding environments, TRD1000 is a certified dangerous goods unit.

With a cyclonic filtration system and dry vacuum bag house, TRD3500B is an effective wet and dry unit.

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