How to Engineer the Perfect Hydro Vac Excavation Truck

Non-destructive digging is good for the environment, your team and your return on investment. The power and efficiency of a non-destructive digging truck, also known as a hydro vac excavation truck, is the cornerstone for success of your excavation program. The system as a whole needs to be built for the tough stuff and there are a range of components to take into consideration.

Tank capacity

The tank capacity determines the amount of water and soil the truck can carry before offloading is required, dictating how many dumping trips you will have to make. Choose a tank size that aligns with the volume of material to be excavated, how frequently you’re prepared or able to make offload trips (taking terrain and distance into account) and the maximum weight the truck can safely carry.

Pressure Cleaner and Reel

The water pump in your hydro vac excavation truck should have adequate pressure and flow rate to effectively break up soil. Look for pumps with adjustable pressure settings to accommodate different soil types and make sure the truck has a sufficient length of high-quality hose to comfortably reach the excavation site.

Vacuum System

A powerful vacuum system is necessary for efficient soil extraction and material transfer into the truck’s tank. Consider the vacuum strength, airflow capacity, and suction hose diameter. In addition, debris filters that prevent clogging and a cyclone separator for efficient material separation are key.

Boom and Hose Reach

The boom and hose reach determine the truck’s ability to access and excavate in various locations. Opt for a truck with a long and flexible boom arm, along with extendable hoses, to reach confined or elevated spaces. This allows for greater versatility and the ability to perform excavations in challenging or restricted areas.

Remote Control Operation

Remote control capabilities enhance safety and convenience. Your hydro vac excavation truck may come equipped with remote control systems that enable you to control the water jets, vacuum system, and other functions for precise control without the need to be in close proximity to the excavation unit.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in non-destructive digging. Look for trucks equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, grounding systems, pressure relief valves, and automatic shut-off systems to prevent accidents, equipment failure, or damage.

Dumping Mechanism

Consider the efficiency and ease of the truck’s dumping mechanism for offloading excavated material. In particular, take special note of features such as tilting tanks or hydraulic systems that facilitate greater efficiency and control when offloading.

Operator Comfort and Ergonomics

Much more than just a luxury, a comfortable and well-designed operator’s cabin enhances productivity and reduces operator fatigue. Look for hydro vac excavation trucks with ergonomic seating, adjustable controls, intuitive interfaces and good visibility to ensure comfort and efficiency during long hours of operation.

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