How to Choose a Versatile Vacuum Trailer

A vacuum trailer could be the most versatile piece of equipment for managing industrial waste that your business has.

trailer mounted vacuum equipment
When you already have a fleet of suitable vehicles, being able to attach vacuum trailers when you need more capacity is often the key to getting a job done well.

Why opt for a vacuum trailer

Depending on your business’ needs, a trailer-mounted vacuum has several advantages.

Can be more manoeuvrable and access tighter spaces than rigid vacuum truck


Often more cost-effective than vacuum trucks – with a lower initial and maintenance investment


Well-suited for short-term or occasional use to help you meet project requirements

What to look for in a vacuum trailer

Durability and reliability are critical in heavy-duty industrial transportation and recovery applications. Look for vacuum units that businesses across Australia already trust.

Getting the most from your vac unit begins with choosing the best parts from top manufacturers. This means that you’ll get a wide support network, along with maximum performance and stability.

Vorstrom is the preferred supplier for:

Customers choose Vorstrom vacuum trailers because they know we understand their challenges. Our engineering experience and manufacturing capacity mean that we can deliver the equipment, service and support they need – every time, everywhere.

Types of vacuum trailers

The world of liquid and semi-solid waste hauling is always changing. Your needs are not the same as those of other businesses. That’s why Vorstrom continuously develops new purpose-built vacuum trailers.

Our wide range of vacuum trailer models include:

Dog trailer

Vorstrom’s TRD940-12500 boasts all the features that make a vac unit a dream to use – including a dog trailer hitch with EBS/ABS for maximum versatility.

Semi trailer

Vorstrom’s TRD940-24000 is built for pumping heavy sludge and transporting mud. It is the result of decades of design optimisation experience.

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Whenever you need sturdy vacuum equipment, Vorstrom can put the power of proven performance in your hands to get the job done.

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