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Our semi vacuum trucks are designed and built to boost hauling capacity and transfer large volumes of payload.

New Vacuum Trailer

Every now and then there are new concerns and applications in the world of liquid and semi-solid waste hauling. Vorstrom continuously responds to the call with its range of purpose-built vacuum trailer products.

Customers choose our semi vacuum trucks because they know we understand their challenges, and we have the engineering experience and manufacturing capacity to deliver the severe-duty equipment, service and support they desire – every time, everywhere. Find a wide range of vacuum trailer models for sale in our gallery, including the tipping with full opening rear door Series (TRD Series).

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vacuum trailer

Semi Vacuum Tank Models

The 24000 litre capacity trailer fitted vacuum unit is equipped with a 940cfm blower pack, a 100mm primary and secondary shut-off system. The tank is made of 8mm barrel metal and has a 100mm top load brass lever valve and 150mm rear brass lever discharge valve installed.

With a full opening rear door and a front mounted hydraulic hoist, this equipment is a superb add-on to your industrial fleet. Our vacuum trailer models are built to boost hauling capacity and transfer large volumes of payload and can be utilized in combination and support of other onsite vac-units to further increase payload and jobsite operational capacity.

See FULL FEATURES for details.

  • – 24 000L Capacity
  • – Mounted to an Australian Made Tri axle trailer.
  • – Lead compatible trailer with hitch and air/electrical to rear of trailer.
  • – Fabricated I Beam Chassis
  • – 2 Speed Landing Legs
  • – Heavy duty rubber flap in front of legs
  • – 1 x Toolbox and a 30-litre water hand wash tank
  • – Led Lucidity Light kit
  • – Trailer Sandblasted to class 3 and painted with 2K – ACRAN undercoat
  • – Tank – 8mm Barrel and 8mm Torispherical ends
  • – Front wash out hatch – 500mm
  • – 940 cfm Blower pack
  • – Diesel Engine with engine watch dog
  • – 100mm Secondary Shut-off and 100mm Primary Shut-of
  • – 1 x Pressure relief valve & 1 x vacuum relief valve
  • – 1 x Pressure / Vacuum Gauge
  • – Hydraulic controls to power the tipping hoist and the rear door unlock and lock functions and door lifting/opening function
  • – 100mm top load Brass lever valve & 150mm rear Brass lever discharge valve
  • – Full Opening Rear door with 4 x over centre locking clamps
  • – Front mounted Hydraulic Hoist
  • – Bonded Steel hose trays with eyelets for rubber hold down straps
  • – LED Work lights and an Amber Flashing light Rear mounted
  • – Tank sandblasted and quality 2K undercoat applied
  • – Operator Manual and Maintenance schedules supplied
  • – Reliable 24Hr Backup and 12-month workmanship warranty

Why Vorstrom?

Vorstrom vacuum trailers are designed to handle a variety of loads and needs, from medium to heavy duty semi vacuum tanks, we certainly have just what you need to deliver results. And, as always, our equipment is backed by 12-month workmanship warranty with exceptional customer support service.

Our products are manufactured to suit the relentless needs of your projects. Our high-quality workmanship coupled with technical proficiency assures longevity and satisfaction.

Vorstrom team of experts work industriously to create a unit that adheres to the needs of your projects. Each equipment undergoes rigorous testing to attain the highest standard in quality.

The Vorstrom Approach

The key to our approach is creating a unit to do the job, just as you need it. We take the time to discover your needs, understand what you’ll be pumping or excavating, and make sure you’re covered for capacity, safety and access.

And we undertake deep consultation with each and every customer during the design stage.

Then, we configure one of our proven designs and build it under strict quality control in Australia. We deliver to your door every time and are on call anytime you need servicing and parts.

Plus, we don’t shirk the dirty work we’re on call anytime you need servicing and parts. The upshot? You’re in and out of jobs faster, operators have it easier, and you’ve got instant, local backup when you need it.

Research fuels our progress. Constant operator feedback guides our product development, to make our units even easier to use, adaptable to different conditions, and fully functional.

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