Vacuum truck design – use technology to your advantage

Vacuum truck design is a complicated area. With new technology becoming available all the time, we invite you to lean on our expertise in delivering customised, fit-for-purpose, technologically advanced vacuum trucks that meet your needs and enhance operational performance.

Safety now and always

One of the most impressive gains from technology in vacuum truck design comes from cutting-edge safety features. For example:

Advanced camera systems

Mitigate blind spots and prevent accidents. Mirror and external environment cameras can detect potential hazards. Sideswipes and collisions are averted by alerting the driver and engaging the brakes if an object is detected in the truck’s path. Furthermore, integrated telematics offer real-time monitoring and coaching to reduce driver-initiated crashes and potentially lower insurance costs​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Tracking systems

Enable fleet operators to identify and mitigate risks, enhance compliance with safety regulations and improve overall road safety, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of other road users and pedestrians​​.

Weighing systems

Ensure your vacuum truck operates within legal load limits, reducing the risk of accidents due to overloading, while contributing to the efficient operation of the vehicle, potentially extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Pumping and Emptying

Efficiency in extraction and load management saves resources, time and money. For example:

Radar sensors

Provide accurate level indication, allowing you to determine precisely how much liquid is in your tank. With this level of visibility and control over planning, you will never end up driving to a job you can’t fit.

Pumping systems blower technology

Represents a significant advancement in efficiency and reliability that ensures operations are smooth and uninterrupted. This innovation is particularly effective for the grease trap, liquid waste and light industrial sectors.

Minimal Maintenance

In the world of vacuum truck design, technology has brought us leaps and bounds ahead without adding to the workload. In fact, the latest technology actually enables us to design and build trucks that require little to no work from the operator outside of ensuring regular scheduled maintenance. This approach not only saves time but also reduces the risk of operational errors and when operators have less to be responsible for and to worry about, productivity is increased and breakdowns are reduced.

Vorstrom’s technological solutions

Stay ahead of the curve with Vorstrom’s vacuum truck design. Embrace the future of vacuum truck technology and experience the difference in efficiency, safety and operational excellence. Whether it’s for grease trap servicing, liquid waste management, or any industrial application, our vacuum trucks deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Contact us today to learn more.

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