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This model is rugged and compact enough to work on a variety of jobs from complex construction projects to regular sewage maintenance.

High Productivity and Efficiency

Setting a new benchmark for productivity and efficiency in industrial vacuum projects across Australia, the Vorstrom TRD1600 – 8000 industrial vacuum truck is unequalled for performance and low operating costs on excavation and trenching works.

Fitted with a 1600CFM vacuum pump, 8000 litre barrel capacity and additional 1200 litre water tank, this model is designed to support the safe and efficient collection, storage and transportation of liquid wastes, sludge, mud as well as regulated and nonregulated waste.

Hydro Excavation truck
Hydrovac truck

Durability Redefined

Vorstrom’s range of industrial vacuum equipment are recognized for their easy operation, dependability and capability to handle a wide range of jobs with ease. Due to the rugged and compact design of this unit, it can work on a variety of jobs from complex construction projects to regular sewage maintenance.

The unit is fitted with a full opening rear door, hydraulic operation with 4 hydraulic positive lock door locks, hydraulic system from truck transmission PTO to power vacuum pump, pressure cleaner, tank lift ram, rear opening back door, rear door locks and boom and several other features

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  • – Automatic Transmission
  • – Single Steer – Tandem
  • – 8000L Waste Tank capacity with tipping capability.
  • – 1200L Water Tank Capacity external mount
  • – 1600 CFM – Challenger 5314 blower pack hydraulically driven
  • – Full opening rear door hydraulic operation with 4 x hydraulic positive lock door locks.
  • – Hydraulic system from truck transmission PTO to power Vacuum pump, Pressure cleaner, Tank lift ram, Rear opening back door, Rear door locks and boom
  • – Hydro excavation / pot holing capabilities – 5000 PSI @20L flow per min. with, 40 metres of hose on a retractable wheel, quick release fittings, attachments including turbo heads and hand gun.
  • – Hydraulic, 300-degree Rotational Boom for 150mm (5 inch) Hose. Hose 15metres in length with remote control and attachable pendent control.
  • – Water tap for hand wash with soap holder
  • – Both remote and manual operational controls
  • – On Board Weight Monitoring System – Accu-weigh system, axle-based weight.
  • – Reversing camera
  • – Reversing alarm
  • – Fire extinguisher
  • – Led Work Lights mounted on 4 corners of vacuum unit
  • – Amber Flashing light Rear mounted
  • – Rear hose supports
  • – Operator Manual and Maintenance schedules supplied
  • – 12-month workmanship warranty

Why Vorstrom?

Vorstrom is constantly leading the way delivering on the needs of industrial cleaning contractors, providing more operating features and than any other manufacturer.

We have relentlessly put emphasis on safety and durability by combining optimum quality, compliance and testing standards in everything we do.

The Vorstrom Approach

The key to our approach is creating a vacuum truck to do the job, just as you need it. We take the time to discover your needs, understand what you’ll be pumping or excavating, and make sure you’re covered for capacity, safety and access.

Research fuels our progress. Constant operator feedback guides our product development, to make our units even easier to use, adaptable to different conditions, and fully functional.

And we undertake deep consultation with each and every customer during the design stage.

Then, we configure one of our proven designs and build it under strict quality control in Australia. We deliver to your door every time and are on call anytime you need servicing and parts.

Plus, we don’t shirk the dirty work we’re on call anytime you need servicing and parts. The upshot? You’re in and out of jobs faster, operators have it easier, and you’ve got instant, local backup when you need it.

Hydro Excavation truck
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