Vacuum truck safety

Inspection checklist and tank operation

Vacuum truck safety is important. Your vacuum truck is an advanced piece of machinery, which requires special attention to ensure that you’re running it correctly. While designed to be as easy to use as possible, there are several points that you must remember to safely operate this heavy duty equipment.

The primary area that you’ll need to focus on for vacuum truck safety is the tipping function of the tank. Improper use of the tank may not just damage the unit, it can also cause injury.

See what you need to do before each project and how to properly operate your tank tipping feature. 

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Vacuum truck safety: Pre-start inspection checklist

Before each and every job, it’s important that you inspect key areas of your vacuum truck and maintain them as needed. Doing so will help keep your unit running smoothly and avoid vacuum truck safety issues that can come from poorly preserved equipment.

Vacuum truck safety: Tank tipping

Your tank is a crucial element of your vacuum truck, and one that needs the most attention before and during a project or job. This is especially true if the unit includes the tipping feature, which can cause issues for vacuum truck safety.

Safety tips

Before tipping your vacuum truck tank…

While tipping your vacuum truck tank…

How to use correctly

To safely raise your vacuum truck tank…

To safely lower your vacuum truck tank…

Remember: Ensure that no one is standing in the area under the tank, near the tank door or nearby before operating.

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