Vacuum truck maintenance

Secondary moisture traps and final filters

When your business uses high value equipment each day, like a vacuum truck, it’s important to ensure that you properly maintain it to maximise its useful life. Neglecting to keep your vacuum truck in top working order can end up costing you in the long run.

As part of our series on vacuum truck maintenance, the team at Vorstrom is here to offer tips on how to clean two of the most crucial parts of your unit, which protect your vacuum pump: the secondary shut-off (SSO) moisture trap and the final filter. 

Alternatively, get in touch with our team to book your Vorstrom vacuum truck for a comprehensive service.

What is the secondary shut-off moisture trap?

The pump on your vacuum truck has several layers of protection to keep waste from entering it instead of the tank. The SSO moisture trap, as its name suggests, is designed to trap any liquid that manages to pass through the primary shut-off. It acts as a back-up protection for your system to stop foreign materials from entering the vacuum pump and potentially damaging your unit.

The secondary moisture trap employs a float ball to protect your vacuum pump. As liquid and waste accumulates at the bottom of the secondary, its float ball rises to seal any further flow from continuing into the pump. 

This is what the secondary shut-off moisture trap looks like on your Vorstrom vacuum truck.

Secondary shut-off moisture trap maintenance

The secondary requires more attention than your primary. It must receive regular maintenance at least every three months.

What is the final filter?

The final filter is the last line of defence to stop foreign material from entering and damaging your vacuum pump. If your final filter gets heavily built-up with waste and debris, it will limit airflow in your pump. This affects the performance of your vacuum and will cause your unit to run at higher temperatures.

This is what the final filter looks like on your Vorstrom vacuum truck.

Final filter maintenance

Because it’s the last element that prevents small material from entering your pump system, the final filter requires some of the most frequent maintenance of all your truck components.

If you find during the course of your regular maintenance that any of your parts are damaged and need to be replaced, Allvac Equipment provides new components for every part of your vacuum truck.

For additional tips on your Vorstrom vacuum truck maintenance, to book a service or to enquire about whether you need replacement parts, speak with our professional team. To add to your vacuum truck portfolio and meet your waste management needs, see our available trucks.

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