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Quality vacuum pump options

A tanker truck is a highly advanced piece of equipment. It’s critical that you use quality vacuum truck supplies and components to keep it in peak working order.

If any one of these parts needs repairing or replacing, it’s important to choose a new component that’s been manufactured to a high standard. A poorly made pump or valve can lead to catastrophic failure of your unit, costing your business far more in the long run.

Vorstrom recommends vacuum truck supplies from Allvac Equipment – the tanker truck equipment specialists.

Quality vacuum pump options

Vacuum truck supplies: Pumps

Are there odd noises coming from your vacuum pump? Maybe you’re noticing a loss in suction. If you’ve performed all the appropriate inspections and maintenance, it may be time for a professional repair, rebuild or replacement of your vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump is the core component of your tanker truck and the most complex instrument in your unit. Whether for waste management or vacuum excavation, it’s critical to never accept sub-standard parts for your pump.

At Vorstrom, we endorse only five manufacturers of rotary vane and blower vacuum pumps or parts for our tanker trucks. Each of these manufacturers produces only premium vacuum pumps that are built to last.

Alongside brand new vacuum pumps, everything you need to repair your existing pump – including vanes, bearings, seals, shims, bearing covers, bearing cover screws and gaskets or O-rings – is available from Allvac Equipment.

Quality pump protection options

Vacuum truck supplies: Pump protection

Because the vacuum pump is such a vital element of your tanker truck, it needs top-notch protection to keep debris from entering it and wreaking havoc. Your tanker truck has several layers of defence designed to trap any dirt and waste before they make it to the vacuum pump.

If your pump protection isn’t performing and can’t be fixed, it must be replaced as soon as possible. However, cheaply designed and made shut-offs and filters don’t provide adequate protection for your pump. They can lead to tens-of-thousands of dollars in damage from a ruined vacuum pump.

Look for corrosion resistant steel and cast aluminium products, and ensure that you choose the right size protection for your vacuum flow speed (CFM).

Quality hose options

Vacuum truck supplies: Hoses

No part of your vacuum truck bears the brunt of the work onsite more than the hose. It has to handle thousands of litres of waste or abrasive debris every day. Ensuring that you use a hose that’s right for the task at hand will reduce its wear and tear and extend its life.

Consider your flexibility, durability and chemical resistance needs when buying new hoses. For example, septic and wastewater handling will require a less heavy duty hose than dry excavation. At Vorstrom, we prefer hoses made in the USA by manufacturers like Tiger. They’re proven to last in any situation.

Look for products made from a PVC or polyethylene helix, with polyurethane liner or high quality EPDM rubber.

The teams at Vorstrom and Allvac Equipment are trained specialists in vacuum truck supplies, parts and accessories. Enquire with them today to find out more.

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