When to choose a compact vacuum truck

A compact vacuum truck is a low-profile unit with reduced weight for trucks with smaller drivetrains.

Compact vacuum truck for low-profile jobs

At Vorstrom, we’re focused on finding the right high-capacity or compact vacuum truck to give you the best output. With our range of trucks manufactured in varying sizes, you may be unsure whether your job requires a large vacuum truck or a small vacuum truck. For the right applications, compact vacuum trucks are low-profile units with reduced weight for trucks with smaller drivetrains.

Compact vacuum truck options

Compact vacuum trucks – Residential, sanitary and public utility jobs

With smaller payloads, height and vacuum options, compact vacuum trucks have significantly lower profiles compared to industrial vacuum trucks. Compact liquid vacuum trucks are the smart choice when navigating noise sensitive areas, such as residential neighbourhoods and municipalities.

A smaller liquid vacuum unit isn’t suitable for contractors looking to book commercial jobs with thicker liquid waste and sludge. Manufactured with lower CFMs, a compact vacuum truck has a quieter operation, causing less disturbance for areas with higher population density.

Compact vacuum truck applications involve:

Compact vacuum truck for low-profile jobs

Compact vacuum trucks – Enhancing manoeuvrability onsite

Being the smallest units of the Vorstrom fleet, compact liquid vacuum trucks have the highest agility. While some jobs take longer due to extracting excessive amounts of liquid waste, rigid vacuum trucks are specialised for getting contractors in and out as quickly as possible.
The shorter the vehicle, the more accessibility it has. Manufactured with low clearance operational height in mind, compact vacuum trucks benefit from being able to meet height requirements for low access areas.

Compact vacuum truck applications would involve:

Compact vacuum truck recommendations

Comparing compact vacuum trucks and tipping units


Compact vacuum truck: T500-12000​


Compact vacuum truck: R247-2000​

R247 – 2000


T500 – 12000


Compact vacuum trucks – Increasing flexibility

Designed to exceed industry expectations, Vorstrom’s compact vacuum truck range suits the varying demands of specialist jobs. With low profile vacuum trucks operating on 4×2 drivetrains, you’ll have the option to work with greater agility onsite when removing liquid waste.
Easy to operate, with engineered ergonomic design, the compact vacuum trucks are built for streamlined loading, transporting and disposing of liquid wastes for domestic and commercial sites.

Our recommendations

R247 - 2000
R247 – 3000 – 2000WF
R247 - 4000
Which compact vacuum truck is right for you

Not sure if a compact vacuum truck is for you?

If you need help choosing the right liquid waste truck for your business, reach out to the team at Vorstrom. We’ll work with you to find the waste management solution that meets your needs.

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