When to choose a high-capacity vacuum truck

20th July, 2022

Choosing the right vacuum trucks for your fleet is crucial. It often comes down to the choice between high-capacity vacuum trucks or compact vacuum trucks. What’s ideal for residential septic or grease trap management won’t cut it for industrial waste on a commercial job site. Are you looking to optimise time on-site? A high-capacity vacuum […]

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When to choose a compact vacuum truck

31st March, 2022

At Vorstrom, we’re focused on finding the right high-capacity or compact vacuum truck to give you the best output. With our range of trucks manufactured in varying sizes, you may be unsure whether your job requires a large vacuum truck or a small vacuum truck. For the right applications, compact vacuum trucks are low-profile units […]

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Why would I need a hook lift vacuum unit?

17th February, 2022

Contents Enhance productivity with an onsite hook lift Increase movability with a rigid vacuum truck Extract waste effortlessly with a tipping vacuum truck Hook lift vacuum tanker: Enhance productivity onsite If you need an adaptable vacuum truck capable of transporting bulk materials and products between project sites, look no further than our hook lift vacuum […]

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Vacuum truck supplies

6th July, 2021

A tanker truck is a highly advanced piece of equipment. It’s critical that you use quality vacuum truck supplies and components to keep it in peak working order. If any one of these parts needs repairing or replacing, it’s important to choose a new component that’s been manufactured to a high standard. A poorly made […]

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Vacuum truck safety

4th March, 2021

Vacuum truck safety is important. Your vacuum truck is an advanced piece of machinery, which requires special attention to ensure that you’re running it correctly. While designed to be as easy to use as possible, there are several points that you must remember to safely operate this heavy duty equipment. The primary area that you’ll need […]

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Vacuum truck maintenance

3rd February, 2021

When your business uses high value equipment each day, like a vacuum truck, it’s important to ensure that you properly maintain it to maximise its useful life. Neglecting to keep your vacuum truck in top working order can end up costing you in the long run. As part of our series on vacuum truck maintenance, […]

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How to choose a liquid vacuum truck

16th December, 2020

At Vorstrom, we focus on enabling our clients to efficiently meet their waste management needs, by providing vacuum trucks that are truly fit for their purpose.  To show you the process of choosing a vacuum truck for your business, we’re going to give an example from a recent client. 1 What will the truck be […]

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Vacuum Truck Engineered to Deliver More

9th March, 2020

The new T500 – 12000L vacuum truck guarantees high productivity and safety with greater precision, dependability and service. 1800 618 963 Sturdy and Dependable Unit Working smart in the liquid waste industry means working with equipment that does the job faster and safer. It’s about working with vacuum equipment that is as tough and dependable […]

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Hooklift Vacuum Loader

7th February, 2020

Vorstrom range of hooklift vacuum loader provide flexibility of fleet management to the waste management and construction industries. 1800 618 963 More flexibility, Multiple Applications As a business offering a wide range of services, it makes sense to use your asset as creatively as possible to boost your bottom line. Vorstrom range of hooklift vacuum […]

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The Perfect Vacuum Equipment

10th September, 2019

The Ideal Equipment for ANY Job TRD940 -10000 is a dynamic and efficient industrial vacuum equipment built to clean up and recover a wide range of materials 1800 618 963 The TRD940 – 10000 Model The TRD940 -10000 is a dynamic and efficient industrial vacuum equipment built to clean up and recover a wide range […]

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