Trailer Mounted Vacuum Tanker

8th July, 2019

Trailer Mounted Vacuum Units Built for pumping heavy sludges and bulk mud transportation, this model works rapidly, efficiently and economically. 1800 618 963 Quality, Service and Innovation Vorstrom offers a wide variety of trailer mounted vacuum units suited for heavy duty industrial transportation and recovery applications. Noted for simple and rugged durability, Vorstrom equipment can […]

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Best Vacuum Truck for Industrial Applications

12th June, 2019

Vacuum Truck For Industrial Application This model combines the best of both worIds: A heavy-duty base model, combined with a comprehensive set of optional equipment. 1800 618 963 Superior Performance – Built to work Regarded throughout the industry as a manufacturer of durable and user-friendly vacuum truck models, Vorstrom has used its many years of […]

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TRD Vacuum Truck Series – Built for the Job

10th May, 2019

TRD Vacuum Truck Model Built for the Job The TRD series is the most efficient and versatile vacuum equipment model on the market. 1800 618 963 TRD Vacuum Truck Series The Vorstrom TRD series is the most efficient and versatile vacuum equipment model on the market. Designed with our customers input, this combi-vac truck unit […]

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Vacuum Truck Efficiency Redefined

3rd April, 2019

Vac Truck Efficiency redefined This model is rugged and compact enough to work on a variety of jobs from complex construction projects to regular sewage maintenance. 1800 618 963 High Productivity and Efficiency Setting a new benchmark for productivity and efficiency in industrial vacuum projects across Australia, the Vorstrom TRD1600 – 8000 industrial vacuum truck […]

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Vacuum Trailer – Boost Your Productivity

6th March, 2019

Vacuum Trailer Boost Your Productivity This model offers the same great quality, efficiency and industry-leading performance known for Vorstrom vacuum equipment. 1800 618 963 Boost Your Productivity High Productivity, Better Value The Vorstrom TRD940 – 24000 industrial vacuum trailer is designed and manufactured for more productive and smoother performance as a whole. Offering the same […]

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Smart Choice for Liquid Waste Management

6th February, 2019

Smart Choice For Liquid Waste The R420-15000 model is ideal for day-to-day liquid waste discharge and transportation activities. 1800 618 963 Smart Choice for Liquid Waste Management Vorstrom R420-15000 model vacuum truck is designed for bulk liquid waste transportation and is ideal for discharging, holding, transporting regulated and unregulated waste, such as liquids, septic waste, […]

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New Vacuum Trailer – As Versatile As Your Work

20th December, 2018

Versatile Vacuum Trailer Our semi vacuum trucks are designed and built to boost hauling capacity and transfer large volumes of payload. 1800 618 963 New Vacuum Trailer Every now and then there are new concerns and applications in the world of liquid and semi-solid waste hauling. Vorstrom continuously responds to the call with its range […]

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5314 Pro Pak from National Vacuum Equipment

22nd April, 2016

5314 Pro Pak Series The new 1600CFM 5314 Pro Pak series run quieter and take up less space on the truck. 1800 618 963 HIGH PERFORMANCE We have just imported from NVE in the United States the latest model 1600CFM 5314 Pro Pak series of Hi Vacuum Tri-lobe Blower units. With compact acoustic enclosures, the […]

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