Need a hydro excavation vacuum unit that’s capable of operating standalone or on a hooklift truck? HRD1600B-10000 brings flexibility to your portfolio. It’s ideal when you already have hooklift trucks available to transport your vac unit. Fast and easy to mount and dismount, with a fully hydraulic system, HRD1600B-10000’s large capacity tank means that it can excavate high volumes before needing to be emptied.

HRD1600B Vacuum Excavation Truck


When versatility comes first, the Australian-made HRD1600B-10000 should be your top choice. Ready to mount on a standard hooklift truck, it’s a fully capable hydro-vac unit that adapts to your needs and those of your sites. HRD1600B-10000 features a large capacity tank and high-pressure cleaner, alongside its powerful vacuum pump, so it can precisely handle all types of sludge and soil.

  • Standalone unit with a Caterpillar engine
  • Full hydraulic system for ease of operation
  • 4-way change over valve for vacuum and pressure
  • Pressure cleaner and blower-style pump
  • Sandblasted, undercoated and painted in quality 2-pack finish
  • Manufactured in Australia

Key Features

Other Features

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