R247 – 3000 – 2000WF

Vorstrom’s range of liquid vacuum trucks is designed to exceed industry expectations in performance and functionality. The R247-3000-2000WF specialises in servicing portable toilets with speed and precision. Designed with operator ergonomics in mind, the R247-3000-2000WF is designed to minimise your time onsite and maximise efficiency. Built with a hydraulically-driven vacuum pump, the R247-3000-2000WF allows you to efficiently empty portaloo tanks.


Manufactured specifically for portaloos, the R247-3000-2000WF is a liquid vacuum truck suitable for all commercial and industrial sites. This pump truck is designed to service building sites and event locations with large crowds. To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, the R247-3000-2000WF streamlines your portaloo servicing process.


  • 3,000L waste capacity 
  • 2,000L water capacity with internal tank
  • Specialises in servicing portable toilets 
  • Hydraulically-driven 247 CFM Moro rotary vane vacuum pump
  • Integrated 4-way valve for easy filling and emptying
  • 20” manway mounted at the rear of the tank
  • Manufactured in Australia

Key Features

Other Features

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