R430 – 8000A

Vortstrom’s range of liquid vacuum trucks is designed to exceed industry expectations in performance and functionality. Manufactured with aluminium, the R430-8000A is a compact non-tipping unit. Mounted to a 14,000 kg GVM chassis, this waste truck is highly versatile. The R430-8000A has an 8000L tank capacity and is capable of fitting onto a 4x2 truck, making this vacuum truck an ideal choice for easy movability in tight access areas. For additional agility, the aluminium tank reduces the vacuum unit’s weight.


Balancing capacity with manoeuvrability, the R430-8000A is specialised in septic waste and grease traps. The highly versatile waste truck is recommended for  residential and commercial applications. The R430-8000A’s moderate size allows the unit to fit onto 4×2 trucks, giving better accessibility at job sites.


  • 8,000L waste capacity
  • Hydraulically-driven 430 CFM rotary vane vacuum pump
  • Designed to maximise payload
  • Aluminium 8 mm barrel and 8 mm torispherical ends
  • Sandblasted, undercoated and painted in quality 2-pack finish
  • Manufactured in Australia

Key Features

Other Features

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