T500 -14000

Vortstrom’s range of liquid vacuum trucks is designed to exceed industry expectations in performance and functionality. Fitted with a tipping tank, the T500-14000 makes waste collection and disposal as streamlined as possible. The unit’s 14,000L capacity means that it is able to handle bulk liquid waste transportation and removal – as well as service several jobs in a single trip.


Manufactured for industrial applications, the T500-14000’s 500 CFM vacuum pump makes it suitable for handling both liquid and septic waste. Due to its large tank capacity, the unit is specialised in transporting grease traps and liquid waste at higher volumes. With a bigger tank, this liquid vacuum truck is ideal for extracting waste from commercial sites. Its tipping capability also ensures that the last amount of liquid waste is disposed of – making this the ideal liquid vacuum truck for efficiency and versatility.


  • 14,000L waste capacity, with tank tipping feature
  • Specialised for transporting grease traps and liquid waste in large volumes
  • 500 CFM pump for maximum efficiency
  • 8 mm barrel and 8 mm torispherical ends
  • Sandblasted, undercoated and painted in quality 2-pack finish
  • Manufactured in Australia

Key Features

Other Features

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