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vacuum truck news

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vacuum trailer4

New Vacuum Trailer - As versatile as your work

This 24000-litre capacity trailer fitted vacuum unit is equipped with a 940cfm blower pack, a 100mm primary and secondary shut-off system. This equipment is built to boost hauling capacity and transfer large volumes of payload 

compact vacuum truck

Achieve more with the low-profile and compact vacuum truck

This low-profile truck has a legal payload of 4000L, 247 CFM with a maximum height of 2.2m and features increased vacuum performance.

vorstrom welding

Updated Weld Procedures

At Vorstrom, we regularly look to update our weld procedures and techniques to attain the best welds possible – matching or bettering industry standards.

5314 Pro Pak

5314 Pro Pak from National Vacuum Equipment

We have just imported from NVE in the United States the latest model 1600CFM 5314 Pro Pak series of Hi Vacuum Tri-lobe Blower units.