For a vacuum tanker that’s made to work in even the harshest and most demanding environments, TRD1000-1000DG is the smart choice. As a certified and registered dangerous goods unit, it’s designed for maximum reliability and safety – for the transportation of hazardous waste. Thanks to the fully opening rear door, tipping function and high-pressure water blaster, TRD1000-10000DG is easy to both clean and operate.

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Designed to collect and transport flammable, toxic and corrosive wastes, TRD1000-10000DG is the Australian-made solution for high-intensity industrial jobs. It is also suitable for other less hazardous substances, such as general liquids, sludge, fats, oil and septic waste. TRD1000-10000DG is the clear option for extracting and transporting dangerous goods – while still being compact enough to access most sites. For an even higher capacity option, see Vorstrom’s 24,000L dangerous goods unit.

  • Full hydraulic system for ease of operation
  • Tipping hoist and full opening rear door 
  • 4-way change over valve for vacuum and pressure
  • Pressure cleaner and liquid ring pump
  • Sandblasted, undercoated and painted in quality 2-pack finish
  • Manufactured in Australia

Key Features

Other Features

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