Need to tackle tougher hydro-excavation jobs that require a larger hydro unit? Together with its high-flow cleaner, and 2,400 CFM blower, TRD2400B-8000 is ideal for extracting on the larger trenching jobs. To ensure that TRD2400B-8000 is easy for the driver to operate, it also features a complete hydraulic system – complete with a tipping tank.

TRD2400 Hydro Excavation Truck


Made right here in Queensland to stand up to even the most difficult days onsite, TRD2400B-8000 is ideal for commercial jobs that require extra vacuum capacity to safely excavate trenches for infrastructure installation, TRD2400B-8000 specialises in non-destructive digging and precise hydro-excavation. For jobs that don’t require as powerful a vacuum pump, explore the rest of the Vorstrom vac unit range.

  • Full hydraulic system for ease of operation
  • Tipping hoist and fully opening rear door 
  • 4-way change over valve for vacuum and pressure
  • Pressure cleaner and blower-style pump
  • Sandblasted, undercoated and painted in quality 2-pack finish
  • Manufactured in Australia

Key Features

Other Features

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